Depression and stress can certainly be felt by everyone because of the many problems or cannot find their own identity. Thus, appropriate therapy and treatment will be necessary. One treatment that can be lived is the ayahuasca healing. You can get ayahuasca in america by visiting our website. for you who want to achieve your true and best self, then the therapy you can try.

But unfortunately, there are still many people who can not distinguish between feelings of stress and depression. In fact, both have fundamental differences. The workings of stress and depression are also not the same. So the way the treatment was different. If both are not handled properly, then it could endanger the health of the soul, the body to the life of a person.

Then, what is the difference between stress and depression that you may feel?

Stress usually begins with a sense of fear or tired because many of the pressure from outside and within yourself that has lasted long enough. Stress can encourage you to become more enthusiastic about the challenges, but also to bus your spirit. this is because everyone has different mechanisms in the face of stress. Generally, if you experience stress, your body will experience an attack or threat. As self-protection, your body will produce various hormones and chemicals such as adrenaline, cortisol, and norepinephrine. As a result, you will feel a boost of energy and increased concentration in order to respond effectively to the source of pressure.

In contrast to stress, depression is a mental illness that affects the mood, feelings, stamina, eating, sleep patterns and concentration levels of sufferers. Keep in mind that depression is not a sign you are unhappy or there is a mistake in your character, but more than that. If you feel depressed then you will feel lost spirit or motivation that has been in you. You even feel constantly sad, failing and easily tired. Usually, this condition will last for six months or even more than that. The grave of people suffering from depression usually becomes difficult to live their activities every day normally.