A water heater is a water heater using a source of electricity/gas. You can visit the website of propane sumter sc to get propane gas for your water heater. At first, to get hot water we usually cook water or use hot water directly from nature. In 1868 a painter from London, England, Benjamin Waddy Maughan discovered the first instant domestic Water Heater. The workings of this tool are simple, cold water is placed in the upper part of the container in the form of a tube which is also filled with a network of thin wires as an introduction to heat, where the bottom is placed a gas-fired heater. Then hot water flows into the bathtub without any intermediaries. Maughan named this discovery “Geyser”, even now in England water heater is still often called a geyser.

One time an expert from Norway, Edwin Rudd decided to immigrate to America, precisely to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In that city, he found the first blueprint or water heater blueprint made by Maughan. This discovery was an inspiration, then Rudd developed this invention into automatic water the heater machine. Finally, he succeeded in making the first automatic water heater around 1889, this machine can regulated water temperature mechanically and distributed through water distribution pipes, in the form of a container or a water storage tank.

Today the water heater is growing, and many systems are being used and raw materials are getting better from day to day. This is for the satisfaction of consumers who expect the best water heater for them. How do you make the water heater not damaged quickly? The answer is to do routine service. In addition to the proper installation method, routine service is also very important to do, because routine service can prevent/minimize the damage to the dispenser.