Electric accidents can occur at any time without being predicted. Electric accidents have indeed become an inevitable thing in the industrial world. Some factors can be the reason for electric accidents, such as in terms of management, equipment, or workers. If you need help, you can contact licensed electrician singapore.

There are several common causes of electric accidents, including:

There is no training
Unsafe rules
Unsafe work system
Inadequate information
Incompetent technicians
Insulation is inadequate
Control low work activities
Work on live electricity networks
Test equipment that is not suitable for use
Minimal tool maintenance
Failure to manage work
The power cord is not isolated

Of the several causative factors above, the lack of training is the factor that lies in the first number. Some cases of electrical accidents are often found that the cause of an electric accident is a lack of training for workers. Workers who do not undergo training will not obtain information and knowledge about electricity that is quite in accordance with what he does in industry. And the result, an electric accident will occur and even have a wider impact.

Absence of training
Workers do not have sufficient knowledge to do their jobs in an industry. With adequate training for workers, workers will know and understand electricity especially in accordance with their work.

Incompetent workers
Even though workers have taken training (training), if workers are not competent, not having enough knowledge to carry out their duties will be fatal and increase the risk of electric accidents.

Circuit insulation is not right
Workers who do not isolate electrical circuits properly can cause electric accidents. A company must have a system to control the isolation of electrical circuits. In addition, workers must have the knowledge and have undergone sufficient training to be able to isolate electrical circuits correctly.

Applicable rules
In an industry, of course, there is a rule that is intended to regulate workers and all aspects of the industry in detail. The owner of the company must be able to ensure that the rules made (such as procedures, materials, the discipline of workers) meet the minimum standards of safety principles of work. If this is not done the risk of an electric accident can be higher.