For women, hair is one of the most valuable things, so it is often heard that hair is a crown for women. Having healthy hair is the dream of all women. Even these womenfolk are willing to spend their time and money in the salon to get beautiful hair like their dreams. Various hair models are tried to get the most suitable for the face type. Now a variety of hair models can be searched on the internet, one of which is Black Health and Wealth. The website displays many hairstyles according to the shape of the face, so there is no need to worry about looking for the desired model.

Unfortunately, women who have high mobility tend to have problems with their hair. One problem that is often complained of by women is hair loss. Actually, hair loss is still considered reasonable if the number is less than 100 pieces per day. You alone can actually make sure how severe your hair loss is. But after all, hair loss is a very disturbing appearance and makes you not confident. Before dealing with it, you should first know the cause of hair loss in order to overcome it optimally. Here we provide some of the causes of easy hair loss:

– Hair-binding habits
For those who have long hair, tying the hair too tight especially done all day will become a bad habit. In addition to hair falling out easily, the shape of the hair will turn like a wavy. Let each strand of hair breathe by not tying it too often.

– Drug effects
Certain medications that you consume can also potentially make hair fall out. If you are on treatment, there is no harm in asking about the effects to your medical expert. Is there anything related to hair loss.
– Food nutrition
The habit of eating fast food can also cause your hair to tend to escape from the roots due to lack of nutrition. Nutrition and nutrition that meet the standards will be able to maintain the strength of your hair.