Every country does have a different language. In fact, not infrequently, there are many people who learn a specific language so that they can benefit from it. By learning foreign languages, they will be easier to do various things. One of the languages ?that are currently being studied is Arabic. In fact, the presence of discover more will make it easier for you who want to learn the language but don’t have the time to go to a place where there is a place.

Besides Arabic, there are several other languages ??that are easy to learn. Some of the languages ??referred to here are

1. French
French has 100 million users in the world – as the official language of 28 countries – used on almost every continent. French is also still close to English. The vocabulary used is still relatively similar. According to linguists, English and French have the most similarities when compared to other languages.

2. Spanish
Spanish is influenced by Latin and Arabic. It is estimated that by 2050, America will become a bilingual country that uses English and Spanish.

3. Portuguese
Portuguese is one of the languages ??widely used in the international workplace. This is not surprising, because the economy is the 6th strongest in the world. An easy one from Portuguese is the interrogative sentence is very easy. Only enough to change the intonation. For example “You like this?”, You don’t even need to use a question word like in English “Do you like this?”. What is rather difficult is just nasal vocal pronunciation, but it can be overcome by many practices.

4. Italian
Used in Italy, Switzerland, Malta, Argentina and more than 25 other countries, about 125 million people speak Italian. Italian is close to French and Spanish, but with a simpler verb form. And actually, you have mastered some Italian vocabulary, like spaghetti, pizza, and Ferrari.