Do you feel confused about choosing the right type of stove? Want to choose a gas stove or an electric stove in the kitchen? Calm down, it’s not alone. There are quite a lot of people who are confused bin confused in choosing a gas stove vs electric stove. Naturally, this confusion is because the two types of stoves have their respective plus and minus values. After all, where is the kitchen without a stove. Aside from that, check out the recommended propane filling station near me, if you need a good propane refilling service.

Let me not be confused, maybe I used

a plus-minus each stove.

Electric Stove

Plus value:

Stylish and modern. Easy to clean. Antibocor, don’t use electricity. Rarely becomes a trigger for fires. The surface of the stove is flat and smooth. Environmentally friendly. The way to use it is easy, just plug it into the socket. Do not leave soot on the butt of the cooking utensils.


Need big electricity. When it’s finished, it’s a long cold. The price is expensive. If damaged, the service costs are large and long. Cannot be used if there is a power outage. Not all cooking utensils can be used on electric stoves, for example, wok. Gas compost.

How about a gas stove? Okay here it is plus:

Fast hot and cold fast. Easy to adjust the level of heat and fire. Heat quickly evenly. The price is cheap. Easy to get gas. Can cook even though there is a power outage. Gas prices are cheaper than electricity.

Minus of electric stove:

Potential to leak so that it triggers a fire. Leaking gas can interfere with breathing and health. Not suitable for baking. Periodically check the hose, stove, and tube.

That’s it for the comparison that we can share with you. Pay attention to each type of stove’s plus and minus points, and then choose the one with the advantages that you’d like, along with the disadvantages that won’t hamper you too much.