What is the mulch function in hydroseeding? Hydroseeding mulch from hydroseeding company is something that gives a green effect when the seeds are sprayed. The goal is to help protect the seed and retain moisture. In addition, the seeds that have been sprayed look more attractive. Mulch can be made from paper or mixed wood products. Mulch is easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry if your shoes are exposed to mulch. Simply clean it with water, then the mulch will easily disappear.

– Additional mix
Another additional mixture in hydroseeding is tackifiers that help hold material on the hillside in rainy conditions. Tackifiers also help seal moisture in the soil.

That is the mixture found in hydroseeding. Now, we already know that the effect of green when the seeds are sprayed is from mulch. Hopefully, this information is useful for you.

– Land fertility loss (eroded area)
The eroded soil will melt the layer so that the remaining is generally less fertile and requires fertilization.

That is the impact of land, especially ex-mines is not immediately revegetated. We provide erosion control services so as not to cause adverse effects on human life. By planting hydroseeding techniques, it is expected that soil conditions can return to normal and can be used as agricultural land and others. Because if there is no immediate revegetation, ex-mining land can be abandoned. Even though the ex-mining land is not always damaged. As long as it is closed in the right way, it will not cause damage and can be reused.

Here are some benefits of it:

– The pattern of livestock development can be used as an alternative to non-mining economic development or as a step to developing community development for residents around the mining area, so that towards the end of the mine there will be a transformation of economic development from mining to non-mining, this will certainly enhance a positive image for mining companies and simplify the process of submission to the Regional Government when the mining process has ended.

– Alternative economic development can be developed in line with the revegetation process in post-mining areas, cattle farming which is carried out either by grazing method or by feedlot method (maintenance with intensive patterns), will only be realized if the availability of animal feed can be fulfilled.