Insecurity is often a barrier for men; they often feel unable to become your dream partner. In fact, almost 40 percent of men don’t feel confident when dating women for the first time. The feeling of nervousness from men will increase if the woman really likes her. Our doctor dating site will give you tricks to make him more confident on the first date.

1. Don’t expect too far

The first date is basically the first step to getting to know him better. But do not let you give away signs that you want a long-term commitment, you know. This will make him even more uncomfortable. Try to be friends first, and find as many similarities and preferences as possible. This will make him feel comfortable on your side, which of course will also make you look more attractive in his eyes. By not having excessive expectations, you might find interesting sides that you never thought of before.

2. Plan spontaneous talks

Dead style when talking often happens when dating. And because you both don’t know each other so much, often you can only be quiet. This is certainly very depressing men’s mentality. Well, for that prepare the main ideas that might be interesting topics to be discussed. Arrange the flow of conversation that has the potential to be developed, so that later you have a guide when the silent moment occurs. After that memorize and try to find information about the topic you want to talk about. That way you will not run out of the conversation, but still look natural.

3. Use positive words

Imagine if your dating opponent is someone who always uses negative words, such as sadness, depression, fatigue, uselessness, and weakness. Well, this will create the impression that he is a troubled person who will only make your life worse. This kind of thing also applies to you. So make sure the selection of words in the sentence always shows that you are a positive and confident person, such as happy, like, comfortable, interesting, and others. That way he will not feel intimidated with you.