Embroidery is a craft made from needle and yarn using hand or machine. It can reflect your personality or business brand when you adding the embroidery elements. This embroidered garments will show your organizations with style. Do you want to start your own business Embroidery Columbia Sc? If you’re living in Columbia, it will be a good idea for your embroidery business. There are 3 specialty embroidery stitches to create the custom embroidered garment, here the things you should know about the stitches.

3 Main Types of Embroidery Stitches

1. Walking Stitch

Walking stitch also referred to as running stitch is used for detailed work. The stitches may look like hand-sewn and long dashes. Walking stitch is also used to outline images and can be combined with types of embroidery stitches. This kind of stitches can be versatile because it can compatible with all type of fabric.

2. Satin Stitch

Satin stitch is the most commonly used to fill in small areas, outlining letters and highlighting larger designs. It will display a flat, glossy and texture which resemble satin fabric. This functional basic stitch lies neat and flushes against the fabric which lacks any raised padding. Satin stitch also known as damask stitches.

3. Fill Stitch

Fill stitches used to fill big areas of design with color that can act as the foundation underneath other types of embroidery. Actually, it is working to create detailed embroidery with a stable surface when sewn on light fabrics like silk. This kind of stitches is also used to create a solid shape by assembling many rows. It can be made into a pattern when using digitized embroidery systems.

That’s all about main types of embroidery stitches you should know. So it is important for you to master that kind of stitches for your own business.