Carpets from carpet stores lexington sc are often installed to liven up the impression of being warm in a room. Even so, it is not uncommon for people to install carpets with a pure purpose to sweeten their interior space. Then what if you want to sweeten while creating a warm impression but your room is relatively narrow and limited? Take it easy, you are not alone! For those of you who now live in apartments or urban areas, having large and spacious land is something that is very rare and expensive.

Even so, don’t make this problem a reason to ignore the decorations from the interior of the house. If you want to experiment with patterned carpets if you can choose a large pattern. Carpets with motifs that are too detailed and small usually will make the room feel fuller and narrower. But don’t limit yourself to being creative just because of this assumption, huh. Because everything will return depending on the furniture you choose and other supporting factors in the room, such as windows, curtains, or mirrors.

The most important thing to consider when choosing a carpet is size. Carpets with sizes too small will make the impression not warm. Well, on the contrary, if the size of your carpet is too large, the room actually seems to be narrower and fuller. You certainly want to avoid this problem, right?

Well, to determine the ideal size of the carpet, determine based on the placement of furniture – not the size of the space. Yes, there really isn’t a specific standard for determining the ideal size of a carpet because it all depends on how you place the furniture in the room. Another thing that can be used as a benchmark is to estimate the number of tiles that should not be covered by the carpet. Carpets with white are known to be vulnerable to dirty, but carpets with this color can be one factor that can make the room look brighter and wider.